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Monthly Rentals

Each instrument is carefully set up and maintained in our shop to allow each student the opportunity to play on a properly set up outfit.

Rental equity is accrued throughout the entire term of the monthly rental. Our rental customers are not locked into buying the instrument he or she is renting. Instead, The Violin Shop allows accrued equity to be applied to any instrument the same price point of the rental instrument or higher.

All Rentals include FREE maintenance, minor repairs and adjustments.

Size changes are available at anytime during the rental period at no extra cost unless the larger instrument rents at a higher rate. (i.e. 3/4 to 4/4 or an upgrade to a premium rental)

Premium step-up rentals are also available for all instruments. Premium rental rates are higher and based on a percentage of the purchase price.

Rates are subject to instrument availability at the time of rental (lower priced rentals tend to rent first).

You may print and fill out the downloadable PDF forms below prior to visiting the shop.


Please fill out only the top three lines of the Rental Agreement and we will complete the remainder.
The Rental Application must be completely filled out.
Please be advised we will need to verify the ID and credit card information used on the forms.
(Your financial information is never stored on our computers)

Monthly Rental Rates

● $29.00 and up per month for 1/16 - 3/4 violins
● $35.00 and up per month for 4/4 violins
● $29.00 and up per month for 8" - 13” violas
● $35.00 and up per month for 14” violas
● $40.00 and up per month for 15” - 17” violas
● $50.00 and up per month for 1/8 - 3/4 cellos
● $58.00 and up per month for 4/4 cellos
● $90.00 and up per month for Double Basses (all sizes)

Autopay with debit or credit card only

The Violin Shop in Lincoln is your most complete shop for sales, service, rental, and repair of string instruments in Nebraska.

All repairs and rehairs are carried out using time-tested methods and materials that stress a conservative approach.

Stop by and see why The Violin Shop has been Nebraska's favorite for over 35 years.

Tuesday - Saturday, 10 to 6
Closed Sundays & Mondays

The Violin Shop will close on LPS Snow days and most major Holidays.

1641 South 17th Street
Lincoln, NE 68502