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The Violin Shop in Lincoln offers a large array of new and antique bows.

All of our bows are expertly maintained and rehaired to our exacting standards to play and look their best whether it is a $100 student bow or a professional quality antique bow.

We carry many of the world's leading makers such as:

K. Muller, Jon Paul, K. Holtz, Arcos Brasil, Horst John, H. Stuver, W. Seifert, Marco Raposo, E. Dorfler, Mathias Thoma, I. Pierre, Arnold Bows, V.C. Jeandel, H.R. Wilhelm, J. Schuster, Lothar Seifert, Klaus Becker, T. Pampolin - Brasil, Rodrich Paesold, and Coda Bow International

Our vast selection of antique bows include:

Otto A. Hoyer, Albert Nurnberger, Otto Adler, C. Thomassin a Paris, C.N. Bazin, H.R. Pfretzschner, W.A. Phfretzschner, G.A. Phfretzschner, Jean-Jacques Millant, Prosper Colas, Hoyer HP Pariser, Gustav Prager, Morizot, R. Dotschkail, Adolf Schuster, F Winkler, Lyon & Healy, W.E. Hill & Sons, and Bausch.

Modern master made bows include:

John Norwood Lee, Eric Lane, T. Pampolin, P. Fracalossi, V. Siqueria, Marco Raposo, Gustave Debard, C. Baroin, David Frederick, B. Rolland Spiccato, Jon Crumrine, G. Michel Mirecourt, and Thomas Goering

Please visit our online shop for bows currently available for purchase on the web or give us a call to discuss your specific needs and inquire about new items not listed. (402) 474-1640


The Violin Shop in Lincoln is your most complete shop for sales, service, rental, and repair of string instruments in Nebraska.

All repairs and rehairs are carried out using time-tested methods and materials that stress a conservative approach.

Stop by and see why The Violin Shop has been Nebraska's favorite for over 35 years.

Tuesday - Saturday, 10 to 6
Closed Sundays & Mondays

The Violin Shop will close on LPS Snow days and most major Holidays.

1641 South 17th Street
Lincoln, NE 68502