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About Us

The Violin Shop in Lincoln exists to inspire, educate, and support the players of Nebraska's classical string community.

Providing over 1,000 rentals for the area's growing string population, the largest inventory of the highest quality instruments and bows - each individually set up here in our workshop - and boasting an internationally-recognized workshop that maintains the instruments and bows of some of the most demanding players, we have become the Premier String Specialty Shop of Nebraska!

Long regarded as a staple in Lincoln's music community, The Violin Shop enjoys giving back to the community through the support of the LMTA Music Outreach Program, S.A.I.L. camp scholarships, providing instruments to under-served students in the Lincoln Public Schools or Partnering with Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra in support of the Lincoln Youth Orchestra.

What some of our customers have to say...

"I frequently travel nationally and internationally giving concerts and have been concertmaster of Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra for many years. Since I live on the East Coast I normally have my bow re-haired in New York City though many times I need bow re-hairs when I'm on the road. I'm so happy that when I come to Lincoln I can get a great re-hair at the Violin Shop! Thanks David."
Anton Miller, Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra Concert Master and International Performing Artist (google)

"The Violin Shop has many quality string instruments and products in stock to choose from! They offer excellent service for students, teachers and professionals!"
Cari-Lynn Wenstrand, LPS Music Teacher (facebook)

"The Violin Shop is the best strings shop in town. They're experts in the instruments and customer service. Their prices are comparable to the other shops in town, but the value is so much better." Emily Sulzle (google)

"I am ecstatic to find a world class violin shop in Lincoln!! My parents have retired here, and it really helps my performing life (I live abroad) to have such a reliable place to get rehairs and other important work done without having to stop in NY, Boston or Chicago. Thank You, thank you David for your excellent work!"
Ellen Jewett, International Performing Artist and former member of the Audubon Quartet (facebook)

"David Frederick at The Violin Shop in Lincoln has the knowledge and expertise you would expect to find in shops in New York, Chicago and Boston. Nebraska is lucky to have such a top notch shop and luthier right in its heart." Stacey French (google)

"As a violin teacher, I 100% recommend my students go to the Violin Shop for rentals and purchases. David has been such a partner for string music here in the greater Nebraska area. He has even worked on my instrument and the work was excellent." Julia Marble, Marble Music Studio (facebook)

"I took back my daughter's cello after school ended. Being a busy mom I didn't get over to the shop till June 1st. I had a busy day at work and just walked in and told them I needed to return it. As I waited the gentleman looking it over asked me if I had my credit card with me, i thought great I have to pay a fine, no they refunded me the payment for June that I forgot they took out already!! I didn't even think to ask if I would get any money back and he made sure it was put back on my card!!! I am so glad that there are honest people and businesses out there still. He could have kept my money and I wouldn't have even thought about it but he didn't. Thank you again!! Yvonne Bartek (facebook)

"I travel 400 miles to have this establishment service My expensive violins. I have also bought 2 violins from Them as well. None better and always honest. Remember them before You make a mistake and buy Amazon. Gary Gipson (google)

David Frederick


David is a Violin & Bow Maker, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, with over 30 years experience in the making and repairing of string instruments and bows. He has studied with several notable makers from the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers and spent three years in Atlanta, GA working under a German Master Violin Maker.

In 2001, He established David Frederick Violins, which focused on the making of new instruments and bows while assisting shops throughout the Midwest and Southeast with restorations.

David joined The Violin Shop in Lincoln, Inc. in 2010, to manage the workshop and serve the growing string community of Lincoln.

In 2016 He was installed as President of The Violin Shop in Lincoln, Inc. to carry on the tradition of service and excellence that Lincoln's teachers and players have come to depend on.

The Violin Shop in Lincoln is your most complete shop for sales, service, rental, and repair of string instruments in Nebraska.

All repairs and rehairs are carried out using time-tested methods and materials that stress a conservative approach.

Stop by and see why The Violin Shop has been Nebraska's favorite for over 35 years.

Tuesday - Saturday, 10 to 6
Closed Sundays & Mondays

The Violin Shop will close on LPS Snow days and most major Holidays.

1641 South 17th Street
Lincoln, NE 68502